By DVanderveer on September 23, 2012


The family and fans of GREENCASTLE THE FILM can once again rejoice!! The 16th annual INDIE GATHERING FILM FESTIVAL held in Hudson, Ohio has bestowed upon us the prestigious “BEST FEATURE” award! This is truly something that should be shared with all of us. It is an honor that reminds us of how our crew, cast, and loyal fan base are all essential pieces to a whole. We are each unique threads woven into a spectacular tapestry of love, talent, tenacity, support, and creativity. When i say “WE” have won the singular accolade of BEST FEATURE, i honestly mean EVERYONE involved. From clicking “like” on Facebook, to working on the crew; from acting, to putting up with us when we came home after a LONG weekend of filming; your support, help, and faith kept us going. We thank you, sincerely. We could not have done it without you.