East Coast Premier

By DVanderveer on April 4, 2012

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Greencastle premiered on Sat. March 31, 2012 at the Maryland Theater…

Quotes from our Facebook wall:

“Great experience! Great people! Great film! Keep the ball rolling!”
-Jamison Reeves

“Hollywood on the outside, hometown on the inside”
-Kelly Finafrock Kline

“Absolutely emotional, absolutely gorgeous.”
-Christopher James Raynor

“Two thumbs up for Greencastle the movie…congrats and thank you to all the cast and crew…thank you Koran Dunbar for making this local…”
-Bill Shubert

“Awesome movie, Mr. Dunbar. You’ve created a memorable protagonist who will remain in audience’s imaginations for a long time. You also balanced real laughs with real drama throughout the whole story.”
-Brian Larrimore

“The film was well-received by members of the audience who could be heard laughing, clapping and, on occasion, throwing out a few cat calls.”
-The Record Herald News

“The red carpet affair drew cast, crew and fans who rivaled what Hollywood puts out on awards nights.”
-Echo-Pilot News